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The History of the Lutheran Coalition for Habitat for Humanity

The Lutheran Coalition for Habitat was formed in 1993 and built our first house in 1994, after raising the necassary funds. Since that time, we have built at least 1 house per year, including completing one started by the LCMS National Youth Gathering in 1998. The Coalition’s stated mission is to “Grow and Expand”. This continues to drive the group to solicit new congregations to join us and enjoy the fellowship while following the Mission of Habitat to eliminate sub standard housing in the world.

LCHH Mission Statement

The Lutheran Coalition for Habitat for Humanity is a group of concerned Lutherans in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area who have agreed to partner with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates to eliminate substandard housing. The prime direction for this group comes from the Scripture, Saint James' Chapter 2 direction: "What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if you have faith but do not have works? ... and I, by my works, will show you my faith". This most basic Christian principle has been embraced by the coalition and put into action through the Habitat for Humanity Partnership.

The Coalition intends to annually join Habitat for Humanity and a deserving Partner Family in the construction of a decent affordable home for the Partner Family. The Coalition will endeavor to provide the funding and volunteer construction labor to this partnership. 

The Coalition commits to reach out to all congregations in the Atlanta area and actively solicit their participation as a Coalition Member, and to share the opportunity of this experience.

It is specifically intended that the Coalition should grow, split, merge and expand to other localities and dynamically search for opportunities to expand both the membership and works projects to be undertaken.


Wayne Smith: Think about this; how many organizations do you know which are started by a few dedicated people to address an issue in your community? Now, how many of those have been around for over 25 years? That is exactly what the Lutheran Coalition for Habitat has done.

Don Snyder: We put a lot of effort into planning and there is lots of work on the Saturday build days, but we love doing it. The Coalition Board is very close knit and we enjoy working together and socializing. It’s like a family really.

Sabrina Kirkland of Habitat - North Central Georgia: The Coalition steps up year after year, being the hands and feet of Jesus, by building homes and relationships with our families. Their hard work and determination to serve has encouraged our families, staff, and other volunteers and for that we are eternally grateful.

Jeanne Wieckert: To stand at a home dedication and see a family hold the keys to their new home and their new life after so much hard work, is to see Christ moving in the world through us.

Mike Christian of NW Metro Atlanta Habitat: Sponsors are the heart and soul of the Habitat ministry and in all my years of working with Habitat, I have not encountered a more generous, hardworking, and dedicated or fun group of people than the Lutheran Coalition. Working, knowing and being with the Coalition has truly been one of the joys of my life.